The list………………….(09.07.09)

Posted: 18/10/2010 in ravings of a mad woman

Why do I always seem to forget the effect music has on me? I’m sat, trying to watch TV, whilst “the Dude” is sat beside me strumming away on his guitar. Now I really was focused on the television, but somehow the music seemed to filter through my ears (maybe all the metal in the sides of my head has been acting as some sort of sound conductor) and directly into my dazed and drifting sub-conscious mind. Eventually this made any form of concentration tricky. This got me thinking of “The List”. I can almost guarantee that all you women will understand what I mean by “The List”. It is, in fact, the list of so called forbidden musics. All the tunes that are not REALLY to be played when in any form of polite company. We’ve all got at the very least 4 tunes (not necessarily all by the same artist) that for whatever reason have a rather “strange” effect on us. I know most guys don’t really have a list like this, but I’m sure by now you’ve all got the idea.
It’s 2:30am and I fear I may have nowhere to go with this point.
Dave is showing re-runs of the Apprentice. Show’s like this piss me off. Why can’t the application process for ALL jobs be like that? You fill in your application form (I’m losing the ability to spell along with most basic motor functions for again I am reverting back to trusty old pen and paper); you then have to compete for the job by completing a series of semi-job related tasks to see who is more deserving of the position. Obviously this wouldn’t be televised because this would be happening all over the world, everyday, and would seriously clog up ITV’s (and the BBC’s) but mostly Channel 4’s programming schedules with yet more shitty, mind numbingly dull reality TV – if that’s even possible! I do often wonder; but if this were the case my life would be so much simpler. I mean, I’d actually have a job by now. I would have left all the competition for dust. On paper I’m probably not the best investment. I am under no illusions as to this fact, but my skills and ability to learn surely speak for themselves!
I live in hope.


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