Not that I’m bitter or anything………(28.06.09)

Posted: 18/10/2010 in ravings of a mad woman

How is it, that in this day and age, and at this point in my life (I’m soon to be 22 and I am frequently reminded about how I have the whole world at my rather large man feet) I still manage to get a right royal grilling when I mess things up? I am only just a twenty-something and I was under the impression (rather stupidly on my part i now feel) that this was the period in your life where you make all of your stupid mistakes and find your feet; But noooooooooo, apparently not. I am famously lacking in both drive and mental capacity. By this I mean that, as I have almost no attention span, I also have almost NO short term memory. The lack of drive has no direct relation to ambition. I have a great many plans and would love to conquer the world, but unfortunately as I have so many plans and goals, I find it very difficult to pick just one to run with, so I dont. These two aspects of my personality do not seem to fit very well hand in hand. Take my list for example. I, like most people I’m sure, have a list of “dream jobs”. Now, this list is probably as long as my arm but as I have never really written it down before I probably wont be able to remember more then the top few, but here goes:
1: Fashion designer (I WILL be the next Vivien Westwood)
2: Director or Producer-havent really decided yet! (I WILL make that damned documentary!)
3: Artist
4: Singer
5: Actress
6: Researcher for either the BBC (preferably nature or crime shows) or Jeremy Kyle!
7: Bounty Hunter
8: Some sort of secret agent
9: Writer
10: Food critic
I could go on. No, that’s a lie, I can’t think of anymore right now!
Take yesterday as a perfect example. My father, once again, had a massive go at me for not getting anything done. My laptop got rather sick a few months ago (I think it might be the electronic version of AIDS or something) and I now need to totally reboot it with vista, and start again. The problem is I assumed that, as he had set it up for me in the first place, that he had made me the backup discs, should anything so tragic happen. Alas no, this responsibility fell to me who was blissfully unaware that such things needed to be done. So all I had to do was get on to PC World (where said piece of equipment was purchased) and find out from them if there was anything they could do without me having to pay a million pounds to good old Mr. Gates for a new version of Windows Vista. I however, with all my mastery of procrastination, kept putting it off. It is now past the end of its warrantee and so i have to contact Acer directly in a bid to get it sorted. They will no doubt be able to help, but will almost definitely charge me for the pleasure. I only did all this phoning around after getting the aforementioned verbal kick up the backside from my old man. How difficult is it to make a few phone calls when something goes wrong? Well, for me, it is rather tricky. For you see, dear readers, that I am totally incapable of fending for myself. I have the wonderous ability to find other things (and no, they’re not even more interesting and CERTAINLY not more important) to do.
I need to tidy my room, but I’m not THAT bored. Yet I will almost certainly sit here for the next few hours going on, to no one I fear, about how unutterably bored I am.
I did get something reasonably productive done yesterday though. I baked bread! Yes, I was a good little housewife type and baked some bread rolls. Now, I fear that too few people will appreciate the therapeutic value of spending a good 10 to 15 minutes kneading bread dough whilst listening to some rather loud, rather “bangin” tunes (or should I say “Choons”). Rather splendid they were too I must say!
Last night didnt quite go according to plan either. I was MEANT to be going to town with my loving big sister, her hubby and best friend to see the legendary John Pleased. This is a source of great bitterness right now so I’ll try not to get too angry, but I had no money with which to fund this night out. So instead i went to my old mans lodge skittles night. This, sadly, didnt turn out to be quite as much fun as I had hoped it would be. Although I did manages to make Flick choke on a peanut by mentioning my mothers comments about ensuring you’ve got a “shiny growler” if you’re seeing a ‘gentleman friend’. That and her continued attempts to embarrass steve!
11: Agony Aunt (I can’t take anyones advice, and I certainly can’t take my own, but I seem to be pretty good at helping others out)
So anywho, last night I decided to throw caution to the wind and have a drink or two. Ooooooo I’m sure you’re saying, big deal! Well, I’m on bloody anti-bionics at the moment so those two pints left me feeling rather tiddly to say the least! That combined with the fact that again I’d eaten naff all for a few days made for a rather interesting night. Had I thought about it a little bit harder I probably would have been able to go out with Ry, Geoff and Lu! But no, I still would have had to have found the money to get in! If I find out they managed to get in on the guest list I WILL hurt someone!
Right, well, rant over for now. I suppose I’d best go and find something else to avoid doing!
12: Photographer!


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