Here I go again………..(26.06.09)

Posted: 18/10/2010 in ravings of a mad woman

Once again i have been left to my own devices and yes, once again i am oh so very bored! i built a fort a few days ago, on the advice of my so called conscience mr marc Awson (loves ya fella!) but unfortunately i made the mistake of building it around me whilst sat at the computer, so when i thought to myself “dude, this is awesome!” (it had a little roof and EVERYTHING!) and decided to take a picture of it, I didn’t even think of the fact that i wouldn’t be able to get a decent picture of it from inside! I mean, it’s hardly “Cribs” but it was pretty cool, if very small. i had thought of maybe fashioning some sort of device to extend my camera phone away, and outside of said fort, and this would have been a truly astounding idea, had i not run into a few technical difficulties.
1: having walled myself in, i had no access to anymore supplies with which to fashion said go go gadget arm. at least, not without dismantling my fort,
2: I may be slightly more creative then most, but alas, i could see no way (I mean, I wasnt gonna think about it TOO hard, that would just be crazy right?!) to take the weight of the camera at the distance needed to get a decent shot and depress the button to actually capture the image!
and I’m sure there were plenty of others but i cant think of them right now for i do believe it is time for coffee!!!
right, coffee got, but sadly not drunk yet, for it is a tad hot!
so where was ok, oh yeah, the fort!
well, having passed up the idea of creating this go go gadget camera arm, I decided to try and get up and out to take the picture. Big mistake. The whole frunkin lot came crashing down. and that was the end of that! i know, i know, i can hear you all now, why didn’t I just make it again? well no! as those who know me will know, something this momentous can only happen once. I’m too much of a perfectionist to make it again. it wouldn’t be the same, therefore, would be no good!
I cant say I’m not slightly saddened by the lack of photographic evidence of its existence, but I can still picture it in my mind, and that’s all that matters. take my word for it, it was genius!!!!


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