Communication error……….(15.07.09)

Posted: 18/10/2010 in ravings of a mad woman

Damn technology! Seriously, this isnt even funny anymore! I’m currently at my dear sweet darling sister Ry’s and more then just a little naffed off. Having decided to lugg my laptop (ok, so maybe it wasnt such a chore seeing as how she actually picked me up from my house in the car, but I still have to carry it home on a no doubt overly crowded train on the morrow) all the way up here because my mobile is now seemingly no more then a rather lovely, touch screen brick due to the fact that I have once again proven myself to be totally inept and defunct when it comes to simple self-reliance and failed to pay my phone bill and have been cut off. Not totally cut off you understand. I am still able to receive calls and texts, but seeing as no one other then Ry really phones me (well, her and people calling to ask for money, time or my eternal soul in the form of consumer surveys) that’s pretty much pointless and what’s the point in being able to receive texts if I can’t then reply? Where was I? Oh yeah, the laptop. Well, having carted the thing all the way to Barry (lets not get technical about this now, come on) I find that it won’t let me connect to my sisters network. So here I am, writing this from my sisters PC, whilst not being able to see anything other then the monitor (her room is actually reasonably tidy for once! Hehe, sorry Ry!) and most certainly not being able to have a fag. I’m not entirely sure why it won’t let me connect, but I fear it may have something to do with the PS3. Which brings me back to the damn technology statement I made at the very beginning. I’m not the most technically minded person in the world, mainly because I honestly couldn’t care less. I know how to do everything I want to do, and maybe even a few things I don’t want to do, but somehow either HAVE to do or just simply end up doing anyway, and for everything else there’s other people! My father knows quite a lot about all things technologique, and my brother Haydxn is rarely seen away from a computer. These are just two of the people I go to for help when I feel like throwing my laptop, computer or anything else with more then one wire and flashing light for that matter against some sort of hard surface (or maybe even the first person to get in my way or try and offer me advice like “have you tried switching it off and then on again?”, yeah, cause that’s not like the FIRST thing I’d try!). Sorry, I’m back to being slightly jittery again. I should really try and lay off the caffeine after lunch. Hang on, it might help if I actually ate lunch! I really should try and eat properly. so far today (although there is technically – there’s that word again!- only about 20 minutes left of today so the “so far” comment is pretty much irrelevant) I have eaten the grand sum of possibly 4 sour gummy wormy/maggot type sweets, a slice of cold pizza and a “mixed fruit flavour sweet with added caffeine and taurine”. This is not good. At least I know that my sugar levels aren’t low though so that’s the main thing I guess! This ‘highly nutritious and balanced meal’ was thanks only in part to the wonderous Lucy and the ever so slightly early (and I mean early, his birthday’s not for like a month!) birthday party she threw today for her precious last born Cam. I truly am the master of timing when I turned up at her house with my niece and nephew just as all the other children were leaving! Go me, such a wonderful helper! It was rather funny though to see her trying to tidy up after a house full of screaming kids. Bless her, she was walking around with paper plates, laden with crusts and sweet wrappers, trying to talk to me (and make sense) and check to see what else needed to be done. Lets just say she didn’t manage all of these things at the same time very well. Fortunately she did manage it in the end and the house was returned to normal. Then all we had to worry about was a still rather over excited Cam, a somewhat underwhelmed John and a just plain mental Robert and Jenna trying to kill, mame or in some other way destroy and disfigure each other! Needless to say it all ended rather amicably as I don’t believe there have been any reports on the local news tonight of the bodies of several children and two adults being found in a house in Barry by worried neighbours, who became suspicious only after the screaming stopped. At least I now understand why my parents always said no to parties as a child! Finally I can see it from the other side.
Right, I’m off to go and find some other piece of electrical equipment to shout at. I’m thinking the fridge might be in for it; It’s been giving me the eye all evening! Wish me luck!


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