Bunnie baths and the flip flop thief………(02.07.09)

Posted: 18/10/2010 in ravings of a mad woman

What to do with myself? Once again I am Deathly bored and have very little to do. I did finally find a release for my creativity, if only briefly, the other day by making the dude a little white board! It was hardly the pinnacle of creative excellence but it would have at least given blue peter a run for its money!
Ok, so yesterday was a rather “thrilling” day.
My poor baby bunnie BigWig was poorly bad and slightly overheating (right, I have to get this out now before I forget. What is wrong with us Brits?! We spends millions of pounds each year to jet off to far flung destinations to ‘catch some rays’ but as soon as we get a few days of heat and sun everyone starts complaining! I mean is that REALLY all we do?! No wonder the rest of the world criticises us! In winter it’s too cold, in the autumn it’s too wet and now summer is ACTUALLY here – come on, we all fell asleep and missed it last year! – It’s all “ooooooo it’s too hot! I can’t deal with this heat!”, Get over it!!)
Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, over heating bunnie. Well I won’t go into too much detail because it was rather graphic, but the upshot was, he was in desperate need of a bath. Being the loving mother I am (HAHAHA!) I took him upstairs and into the bathroom. This is where the story gets both more interesting and also slightly damp! Now, use your imagination here, but my bathroom sink is a bit on the small side, and Biggie, well, he isn’t. This made the job slightly trickier. I ended up getting also as wet as him due to his continued sliding about on the curved surface. He did settle down in the end and actually enjoyed it. I have now reached the decision that next time he is in need of a wash he’s either going in the kitchen sink (being deeper and having a flat bottom he’ll have less trouble standing up) or he’s going in the shower. The downside to this is that I have to get into the cubical with him. I’ll have to sit on the floor of the shower and I have no doubt that he’ll be climbing all over me AND I’ll get a soaking wet backside to boot. So, bun got cleaned and then wrapped up in a towel like some sort of small furry baby, and carried downstairs. I then had to spend at least an hour trying to comb him to get rid of what’s left of his winter coat. Again, I think I got all of this on me, oh such an attractive look. Possibly even one to rival the drowned rat chic I came up with earlier in the week.
Just had to run up to asda for mamma to pick her up some more chocolate. She somehow managed to burn the last lot whilst trying to melt it. I’m not overly sure what she’s actually doing with it, but I’m starting to think that maybe its best if I don’t ask too many questions. I’m not sure I really want to know the answers!
Ah, to the flip-flop thief. Not so much stolen as borrowed, but left me standing in the street naked of foot at 1am! Here’s how it happened:
“The Dude” (just think of this as like Mr. Big from the travesty that is Sex in the City) drove down to pick me up at around 1am to save me from my intolerable boredom. On returning to his house he realises that he has left his house keys inside! (Well done you! gold star!) He then decided to climb over the wall, down the side of the house and in through his bedroom window (thank god he’d left it open). Now the problem was, when he left to come and pick me up, he couldn’t be bothered to put his shoes on. His bright idea needed shoes, for to avoid getting all sorts of nastiness stuck in the soles of his feet. This is the point when he looked down at my feet, back up at me, back to my feet and then slowly (as if you could tell he REALLY didn’t want to have to ask) asked if he could borrow my flip-flops. Of course I obliged and handed them over. Well, after much shouting and swearing on his part, he got in and came and opened the door. Success!
On that note I think I’ll leave it there and go and find myself a nice cold beer. I know I’m not going to find one, but it doesn’t stop me hoping!


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