Baking and obsession………(28.08.09)

Posted: 18/10/2010 in ravings of a mad woman

As I begin writing this I am sat on the kitchen floor in front of the oven leaning to write on the complete works of Shakespeare watching my cookies bake and trying to resist the urge to open the door and smell the sweet treats turning deliciously golden brown therein. As it has been a great many years since I made cookies I have made the rookie mistake of underestimating the “spread-ability”, and spooned them slightly too large. They now seem to be merging into long rows of cookie mess as opposed to the rows of individual and unique baked goods they should be. I have some mix left over and as it is only nearly 10:30pm I may well bake some more just to silence the boredom. Once again I made cupcakes on Monday. This time they were blue with pretty pink icing.
Right, first batch out and tested. Damn I’m good. Glad to see I haven’t lost my touch! Next batch is in now and I’m left to contemplate what to do next. I fancy doing something a bit different but I’ve still got a whole bag of chocolate chips left to use. I have made up a new batch of dough but I thought I would try something different after all. I decided to substitute half the brown sugar for clear honey instead. The dough tastes good but we’ll have to wait for the proper taste test.
I fear I may have gone slightly overboard with the baking but hell; it keeps me off the streets right? Good tunes, too much coffee and an incredibly loud inner child lead to great productivity in the kitchen. The hardest thing about being a total head case is the fact that I need constant entertainment. I did ACTUALLY go to the careers office on Tuesday! Unfortunately you’d think that the woman I spoke to had never encountered someone with a borderline personality disorder before! She spent almost the entire hour going over my obsessive behaviour, my compulsion for recognition and trying to explain to ME that I’m the sort of person who picks up something, throws myself into it totally (obsessing over it) and then getting bored and drop it just to pick up something new and go through it all over again. I’m sorry but, DUH!! I’ve been doing that my whole life; don’t you think I might have noticed by now?! Anywho, the outcome of this consultation was that she didn’t really have a clue how to help me. Great, another organisation that has chosen to brand me a lost cause. Maybe that should be my new life goal. Try and be dismissed by all the organisations set up to help people like me. Best not; I’ll probably get myself locked up with all the crazies!
Baking done and I need something else to do. I need to type this up but that can wait till later (as you can see, it is now later!). I was debating staying in the kitchen and rustling up some more culinary delights but I think mum might assume I’ve finally lost it. I’ve already made 41 cookies (and they’re reasonably sized ones too!) I don’t think another batch of childishly decorated fairy cakes will go down too well. The other option of course would be pancakes (what with me being the pancake commander and all). I know they would be gratefully received at least. The old man loves it when he comes down in the morning to find a stack of pancakes left for him for breakfast. The only problem with that idea is that I’d have to dig the hot plate out of the bottom of the cupboard. This would be extremely noisy and seeing as how it is very nearly half past midnight, probably not the best idea I’ve ever had. Ooooooo, where did that realisation come from?! That’s not normally one that comes to me when I’m on my own! Maybe I’m cured? HA! NO!


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