a little outdated but you get the idea……….(30.06.09)

Posted: 18/10/2010 in ravings of a mad woman

This was written on the 25th June, but oh so ironically I left it at my sisters so didn’t get a chance to type it up until now. I thought it would at least be worth a read so here it is.

Ok, so maybe modern technology isn’t so great after all. Earlier I spend ages, and I mean AGES writing out a blog/note on my phone when I started to run out of available characters, so I decided to accept what I’d written so far and carry on writing some more. However on doing so it cut off a large chunk of what I had already written! I decided NOT to try again for my poor little thumbs had grown weary. So you see, I have now had to revert back to good old fashioned pen and paper (cheers Ry!) and I shall type it up later. I still feel it necessary though to at least try and re-write it, if only to capture the sentiment involved. So here goes:

Right; I want to state this right now; I am NOT addicted to facebook. I am however starting to wonder how I ever managed to survive without internet access on my mobile phone. I can now post my blog/notes on the continued comings and goings and ins and outs of my life from wherever I may be.
One of the problems I face on a daily basis is the fact that something will happen, or I’ll think of something (usually either some life changing epiphany or a genius idea, or possibly even both!) but by the time I actually get a chance to make a note of it it’s gone. As I’m sure many of you are all too painfully aware, but I know that only my clone Ry will truly understand, my short term memory is almost non-existent. My long term, recollective memory on the other hand is truly astonishing.
I mean, I may not be able to even remember writing this in 10 minutes time, but in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to tell you:
Where I was,
What else I was doing,
What was going on in the background and even what I was wearing at the time! (And for the record, I am at Ry’s house, sat in the bathroom having a fag, listening to the wondrous combination of the washing machine, the dog and the rain on the bathroom skylight and wearing jeans, two vests, my oversized off the shoulder t-shirt and a hat.)
Ok, so I’ve now moved to the top step leading from the kitchen into the back porch with the dog that everyone is convinced loves me just a little too much sat next to me with his head on my shoulder. I think he may be pretending to be some sort of parrot and he’s slobbering all over the side of my face to boot! Cheers Keizer!
We’ve just spent a massive 10 minutes or so trying to piece together what turned out to be just an insurance renewal quote that had been through the shredder, thinking that it may have actually been the insurance DOCUMENT that Ry needs to tax Rodders- although, as anal as she is, not even Ry is daft enough to shred something of such importance.
Damn, I think I just got glitter all over my face from the nice and pretty purple glitter gel pen I was using to write this until it ran out on me just as I was getting to the bit about the slobbery face. Papermate to the rescue again! Sorry Bic, you missed out on that race. No, face clear, aforementioned jeans however are now lovely and sparkly.
I give up!


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